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Jester's Weekly Discussion

Hello people. I know we haven't done one of these in a while, but everybody's been sick, plus Tristessa has been very busy with work so she hasn't been able to do a weekly how-to in some time now. I've been sick plus haven't exactly been able to think straight on the topics. Well, enough of the excuses for my not doing this, let us begin.

-*The Ideal Lover*-

Okay folks, this week, I'm asking the obvious..."What is your ideal image of your lover?" Mine is already become a reality. I couldn't believe that she really exist. My ideal lover is short (Marian is 4'7"), asian, with black hair (of course), but with brown highlights, curves galore, and with a sweet yet wicked sided personality. Not to mention quite a unique personality (Marian to a T). So what's your ideal lover?

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Between 6'0" and 6'3", dark hair, eye colour doesn't really matter as long as it's a clear solid colour, not too fat, not too skinny, NICE HANDS AND FOREARMS. And really soft pillowy lips.
I couldn't really IMAGINE the ideal lover's appearance. Reason being is that even though I'm incredibly picky when it comes to what my men look like, the 3 hottest guys I've been with in my life look nothing alike. But they did have one thing in common and that's black hair. Well, my bf dyes his black, but that's the biggie for me there.

But if I could draw it out....It might go something like this...

Black hair, brown or dark green eyes (but it's not that important), my height or taller, hot lips, fair skin, great taste in fashion. Just that kinda of look that's so intruiguing. When it comes to weight I'm an equal opportunity employer (as long as he's not ridiculously obese).

Personality-wise...First of all, brains. I've dated so many dumbasses it's ridiculous. And I DO mean DUMB. I'm lucky to have a guy who's so smart he's smarter than me. He's gotta be romantic and sweet and not a dick. Funny is good, even if he is corny (like I am). I want a guy who laughs at the same stuff I laugh at. I love it when Fox and I watch The Brak Show and crack up at the same time. Oh, and here's a biggie that's hard to find...a guy who isn't a commitment-phobe, a video game addict, a drug addict, a scrub, a redneck, or man-whore.

Oh, and most importantly....good in bed!