sarah (zephyr_phoenix) wrote in badvice,

I think this is the only time I've ever had any relationship problems that I have been way too embarrassed to talk about.
Actually, one has to do with a bad obsession I have with the past, and one has to do with sex and I can talk about that one:

If you have constant fantasies about something, does that mean you would actually do them? Because sometimes I fantasize about some things that (I'm not going to lie), are absolutely 100% sick and twisted. And I mean, they're really bad. Completely illegal and would be considered a mental illness if I told a doctor what I thought about. But it really turns me on. Thinking about actually going out and doing it seems just plain wrong and I honestly believe I never would, and yet I fantasize all the time about sick sick things. Does this mean that I would actually be interested in doing that? Or is it normal to fantasize about things that you would never actually do?
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