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1. Nobody has posted in badvice for a REALLY long time and we should get it going again.
2. I have a relationship thing to talk about anyways.

Okay, so me and Dustin broke up on our one year anniversary. We had been fighting a lot over petty things because a)I have horrible self esteem b)we started spending way too much time together. He broke up with me, and told me that we might get back together, we might not, but he needed time to think because he doesn't see how it can work right now. I used this time to think also and I realized that my self-esteem needed working on. Result: I found a book on controlling emotions, anxiety, feeling good about yourself, etc. and read that and as hokey as it sounds, it really does help. I also realized that we were together way too much to think about the situation objectively so we never did anything to work it out even though we said we would because we just didn't have time or room to breathe and hear ourselves think about what the problem was and come up with an appropriate solution. I thought of many things that could help us work things out and I would like to talk to him about this, but I'm worried about:
- when the right time to talk to him about this is/leaving it too late/rushing it
- him possibly reaching the conclusion that nothing can be done and then dismissing what I tell him

Suggestions? All would be greatly appreciated.
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