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So as a *small* update to my last post:
I read the comments that Jester and Tristessa left and they suggested some really good things. I was actually going to go along with what Tristessa said about waiting maybe a month or so since the class that Dustin and I will take together starts exactly a month after we broke up and I figured I could talk to him after that.
But late last night, Dustin called me out of the blue, after only being apart for 3 days. It was really weird too, not in the sense of being uncomfortable but just the way he was talking. He was the one that called me but he really didn't have that much to say. He was just like,"Oh, I just wanted to see how you were doing and wish you luck on your exams." I told him I was doing okay and asked him if he was doing well. He just said, "No, not really....I'm alright I guess." And then he just paused and didn't really say anything else. So to break the silence I told him that I'd still like to see him on the weekend like he had said if he was still up for it. So he said he wanted to and then that was it. Kind of strange, to call your ex of only three days up for smalltalk.
Now I don't know if I should talk to him earlier. Maybe meet halfway between Jester's and Tristessa's advice? Little more time but not too late?
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