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Jester's Discussion

There's something I need to get some opinions on, so help me out people. I was dating this girl once, and things were going well until some stupid shit surfaced. Well, to me, she is the kind of person who takes the little things just a WEEEEEE bit too seriously. Like I'll try to be nice and it just seems like I'm not being nice at all or maybe it's just not good enough. It feels like all I do is cause her anger or pain. She's a great gal though, I love the woman to death. She's an absolute sweetie, but man she can be so damn weird sometimes. She can tend to be an attention whore glutton at times as well. Well anyway, she and I were talking last nite about our breakup and why it happened. It's funny considering she felt betrayed by me and at the same time, I felt like I was being dumped because she wasn't getting her way. Well, funny how we both weren't even INTENDING on that at all. She dumped me because she felt like I betrayed her and did her wrong in the fact that I couldn't get her to come spend time with me because my 'rents are being hypocrites and not wanting to help someone in need. I did the best I could, and yet I get burned for not getting results. After discussing and settling our differences last nite, she asks me "So where do we go from here?" which is funny considering how I get to chose this fate of our relationship. So I'm now in a very confused state of mind. I want to take her back, but at the same time I seem to cause her nothing but pain and anger. I can't seem to make her happy. Last nite I asked her "Come to think of it, has there EVER been a time where I made you happy?" and she goes "If you didn't, I wouldn't have stopped myself from commiting suicide". That was a mindfuck if I hadn't heard one. But I dunno. I know she's an attention whore glutton, but I dunno. She's unstable too (she even told me), but I can't really do anything via instant message or phone, I need to be there, but alas I can't do that either seeing as how I'm stuck in this crappy disfigured shell of a body unable to get out to her. I dunno. I want to be with her, but at the same time I don't wanna cause her anymore pain, nor do I want the fear of fucking something up. I'm really leaning towards solitude. I really like it, but it gets old after a while *sigh*. Any feedback?

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