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Heyyyyyyyyyyy Kids!

I know, I know it's been forever. I'm still alive. My new community has two members now, and I'm hoping to get more. So here's an update in my life, because yes, I've been way behind.

I'm single. In case I failed to mention it, I dumped Fox a while back for another guy. Then we broke up after like two months, so I've been single ince the beginning of September. I'm still friends with him, and he's a member of this community, as a matter of fact. Fox, on the other hand, has moved on a now has a girlfriend who's not even legal, but oh well, I'm trying to forget about him. I have a pretty cool job, and I no longer live with my folks.

So I'm having a guest this weekend. I've been talking to this guy who lives in Tampa (about a five hour drive south from where I live), and we're hitting it off well. I mean, I've never connected so well with anyone in my life. I'm also about to try my hand in hardcore S&M (domming, of course). We've discussed this, and it's what he likes. I'm also going to be busy showing him around my hometown (the wonderful city of Savannah), so we're in for a great time.

Later guys! Hope to clue you in on the gory details!!!

-Dear Tristessa
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