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Jester's Weekly Discussion

Hello people. I know we haven't done one of these in a while, but everybody's been sick, plus Tristessa has been very busy with work so she hasn't been able to do a weekly how-to in some time now. I've been sick plus haven't exactly been able to think straight on the topics. Well, enough of the excuses for my not doing this, let us begin.

-*The Ideal Lover*-

Okay folks, this week, I'm asking the obvious..."What is your ideal image of your lover?" Mine is already become a reality. I couldn't believe that she really exist. My ideal lover is short (Marian is 4'7"), asian, with black hair (of course), but with brown highlights, curves galore, and with a sweet yet wicked sided personality. Not to mention quite a unique personality (Marian to a T). So what's your ideal lover?

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