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Well, it's been a while and I hope this will at least get things rolling for now, but right now I'm just doing a regular discussion for now. Hope it will hold everyone off until I can get a chance to actually DO something for this community. I am so sorry for not really taking the time out for you guys but I've been so busy with work...I know it's no excuse because I've been unemployed and not doing shit for the community, but I just can't really come up with some good stuff, but however I do have one for this week.

What is your view on virginity?

Some cultures find virginity to be a blessing. Other's take it for granted. Everyday we may have chosen at one point to "wait for the right one" but then we come to find out we don't have the patience so we just dive right into the sexual bliss. I personally have been celibate (typo?) for almost a year now (not by choice mind you) but it really hasn't struck me much any...however I do find myself shaking and twitching lol. Well anyways, I used to take my virginity seriously. Didn't really want to have sex until I got married.....HAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT!! Thanks to the corruption and the perversion of my older cousin, I was a horndog most of my life but I still managed to keep my sensitive and respectful side. So how about you guys? How was your life back when you first started into puberty and virginity and whatnot? What were your views on it? Were you originally planning to wait or are you STILL waiting? If there is anybody in this community that is still a virgin, I tip my invisible hat to you.
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