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This is a community for those seeking sex advice and those who are willing to give. Here's how it works: Post a question and I will answer. Members can also comment their own advice as well. Members can also post their own tips, tricks, experiences, etc. Members are allowed to be as graphic or explicit as they want. Pics are allowed, but NWS pics must be kept under lj-cut. This community is open to everyone over 18. Yes, this IS an ADULTS ONLY community, so I will be approving you if you request, but you're guaranteed in if you are over 18. So that means I will have to see your DOB on your info page or NO APPROVAL.

Now we are doing relationship advice!!!

Your Moderator: xtristessacries
Name: Jenn
Codenames: Tristessa, Mac
Age: Almost 21
Location: Liberty Co. GA
Relationship Status: Taken
Hobbies: Acting, singing, dancing, blogging, karaoke, cooking and SEX!!!

Co-Moderator: djricerocket69
Name: Chris
Codenames: Jester, Rice Rocket
Age: 24
Location: Savannah GA
Relationship Status: Single and looking, ladies!!
Hobbies: Mixing, sword collecting, being a ladies man